How it works

For Event Organizers

Create an account.

To create an account, visit this link. Here, you'll enter in your email, name, and a password for your account.

Connect or Create your Stripe Account.

Stripe is a third-party company whose software allows people and businesses to receive money through the internet. Its fraud protective technology makes it a secure place to store your event revenue, then easily transfer it to your bank account.

Create a home-based event.

Once you've finished connecting your Stripe account, you are now eligible to create your own event! Simply click on Create Event at the top right of the home screen and enter in all your event details. You can set the house rules, enter in your accomodations, and set the price(s) of your ticket(s).

Set your prices per ticket.

You can price tickets from free and up.

Market your event to your network.

Here's the fun part, once you've published your event for the public, you can market it using social media by copy/pasting the event link to your social network. We've made it easy to share events online -- with only one click, you could share an event in seconds.

Get Paid. Your ticket sales go directly to your stripe.

As your event is published and ticket sales come in, you'll see the analytics of your revenue on your Stripe dashboard. This makes it easy to track your revenue, issue refunds, and the progress of the funds being deposited into your bank account.

Please Note: Ticket buyers will pay a 25% surcharge fee of the transaction amount. Event organizers will pay Stripe's standard processing fee, which is 2.9% + 30¢ per successful charge of the total transaction as of the date this text was written.

On event day, Scan event attendees ticket with Come Thru App - Event Organizer.

You will need to download the Come Thru - Event Organizer App available on the Apple Store and Google Play to fulfill this step.

Have a successful event.

Make sure your guests are following the rules, enjoying themselves, and everything is ran in a smooth and organized manner. Have fun!

Do it all over again!

By now, you can officially call yourself a boss for throwing your own event, and getting paid for it -- the organized way!

Why Should Event Organizers Join

Event Themes –If you’re not sure what type of event you should create and host on, no worries! Your assigned account manager is trained to be your event partner. Your Account Manager will get to know you as a person and figure out the best event theme that fits your personality, budget, and home environment. We’re Partners! Therefore, this service is absolutely free.

Creative Team –We understand how difficult it can be to create flyers, promo ads, or other creative items you may need to plan and execute a successful event. Your account manager has experience and will guide you every step of the way. We have a vested interest in your success; therefore, this service is FREE, and we only get paid when you get paid on processing fees.

Research –Your account manage is basically like your personal virtual assistant. We will literally research anything you need us to do to ensure your event is a success. If you need us to research Air b&b properties on your behalf, consider it done! If you need us to research lenders in our network so you can get a loan to invent in your event, consider it done! If you need us to facilitate communications with your ticket buyers to update them on the status of your event, consider it done! On, you’re the boss and your wish is our command. Cost? Oh, it’s completely free. We get paid when you get paid on processing fees.

Marketing Strategies and Consultation –So after you think of a great event theme to create/host, and you’ve decided where the event will take place at; the last hurdle is marketing the event to attract ticket buyers! Of course, we recommend first informing your family, friends, and network on social media about the event. Sometimes that isn’t enough to reach your desired profit quota, so your account manager is trained on Paid Advertisements on Social Media Platforms like Facebook, Instagram, etc. We are here to walk you through the process and provide you with the best tools to create a BOMB ad that will result in sales!

Note:If you’re interested in requesting a Free Account Manager to assist you with your event needs: Sign up, log in, click Manage Profile, then click ‘’Request Account Manager’’. Please allow 24 hours for an Account Manager to contact you.