FAQ - Event Organizers

Are there any cost & fees for being an Event Organizer on ComeThru.com?


There are no upfront cost or fees for event organizers. On ComeThru.com we believe we should only get paid when the event organizer gets paid. In addition to that, since we view ourselves as more than a event management and ticketing platform, but actual event PARTNERS with our event organizers our fees are NOT charged to the event organizer, but to the ticket buyer.


Ticket buyers will pay a 25% surcharge fee of the transaction amount. Event organizers will pay Stripe's standard processing fee, which is 2.9% + 30¢ per successful charge of the total transaction as of the date this text was written. 


Example: If you price a ticket at $1.00, the total amount a ticket buyer will pay is $1.25. The total amount the event organizer will pay Stripe’s standard processing fee is 2.9% + .30 of the total transaction amounts.


ComeThru.com takes .25 and the event organizer takes $1.00 in the example ticket pricing of $1.25.



Will I be assigned an account manager to help me with my event or do I have to do everything myself?


Great Question! On ComeThru.com all event organizers have the option of requesting an account manager for FREE – No Upfront Cost. We’re more than an event management and ticketing platform. We’re EVENT PARTNERS!


Here are just some of the perks of having a ComeThru.com Account Manager:


  1.           Event Themes –If you’re not sure what type of event you should create and host on ComeThru.com, no worries! Your assigned account manager is trained to be your event partner. Your Account Manager will get to know you as a person and figure out the best event theme that fits your personality, budget, and home environment. We’re Partners! Therefore, this service is absolutely free.

  2.           Creative Team –We understand how difficult it can be to create flyers, promo ads, or other creative items you may need to plan and execute a successful event. Your account manager has experience and will guide you every step of the way. We have a vested interest in your success; therefore, this service is FREE, and we only get paid when you get paid on processing fees.

  3.           Research –Your account manage is basically like your personal virtual assistant. We will literally research anything you need us to do to ensure your event is a success. If you need us to research Air b&b properties on your behalf, consider it done! If you need us to research lenders in our network so you can get a loan to invent in your event, consider it done! If you need us to facilitate communications with your ticket buyers to update them on the status of your event, consider it done! On ComeThru.com, you’re the boss and your wish is our command. Cost? Oh, it’s completely free. We get paid when you get paid on processing fees.

  4.           Marketing Strategies and Consultation –So after you think of a great event theme to create/host, and you’ve decided where the event will take place at; the last hurdle is marketing the event to attract ticket buyers! Of course, we recommend first informing your family, friends, and network on social media about the event. Sometimes that isn’t enough to reach your desired profit quota, so your account manager is trained on Paid Advertisements on Social Media Platforms like Facebook, Instagram, etc. We are here to walk you through the process and provide you with the best tools to create a BOMB ad that will result in sales!


Note:If you’re interested in requesting a Free Account Manager to assist you with your event needs: Sign up, log in, click Manage Profile, then click ‘’Request Account Manager’’. Please allow 24 hours for an Account Manager to contact you.


 How do I use the ticket scanner?

Make sure you have the Come Thru App downloaded on a smart phone or tablet. Select your event and tap on "Check-In" at the bottom. Your camera along with a dotted square should show up. When guests show you their ticket, simply hover the dotted square to align with your guest's QR Code until it processes.


Where are my event orders?

On web version Click on your profile, select Manage Events > select Manage (the name of your event) > select Event Orders to view your attendee list.


How do I download my attendee list?

This can only be done online. Hover over your profile and select Manage Events > select Manage (name of your event) > select Event Orders to view your attendee list. On the bottom left, select "Download Attendee List."


Can I delete an attendee?

You must contact that attendee directly to refund and request their removal from your event.


How do I create a custom URL for my event?

Click on your profile picture then select Manage Events > select Manage (name of event) > select Custom Link. Here, you can enter in the perfect URL to easily share with others.


Can I change the price of my event?

Once an event ticket has been booked, you cannot change the primary price. You can, however, add different types of tickets with different prices.


How do I get paid?

After connecting your Stripe Account from your comethru.com account, your event ticket sales immediately go into your stripe account. You can set your stripe account to transfer funds to your bank account from 3 days to 7 days. If you’re a new stripe account holder Stripe may hold your very first payment for a few days (usually 7) for security purposes, before releasing funds to be deposited into your bank account. 


How do I refund a ticket buyer?


Log into your stripe account, click payments, then locate the card holder you would like to refund, and click refund payment. You can filter your search on stripe by last 4 digits of their card number, First/Last name, and email address.


Can I add an attendee manually?

In the case where your attendees may have paid offline or transferred their ticket, you may need to add them manually. Select your profile > select Manage Events > select Manage (name of your event) > select Add Attendees. You will only need to enter their name and email. 


It's been 7+ business days, I don't see the money from my event in my bank account.

This is normally caused by typo errors during your Stripe signup process, your Stripe account is not confirmed, or because Stripe has their own policy for the amount of time it takes to transfer funds. If none of these are the reason, contact stripe customer support by logging into your stripe account and submitting a help ticket through stripe.com.


How do I cancel an event?

If you'd like to cancel your event, it's best to contact your attendees first, then issue them refunds from your stripe account. After you've done that, go to your profile > select Manage Events > select Manage (name of your event) > select Delete


How do I hide my event from Google search results?

Go to your profile > select Manage Events > select Edit (name of your event). Switch the event from "public" to "private," this way only those with the link may have access to your event's details. Your event may still be visible on some Google pages, so to completely take it off, you may need to file a request with Google to take your event off its search index.